Tuesday, February 1, 2011

That's it, Mr. FBI!

Salam alaik, hopefully everyone in the pink of health (^_^)
Kabare? Waras?

I'm sure all of us have their own reason of making blogs, fb and other social network..

Nothing much to say..
I just wanna clarify something. my goals and my hopes..

Before that, thanks for visiting my little simple blog..

My heartfelt welcome to :

1. all bloggers, viewers, commentators
2. all internet surfers..

May Allah bless all of you =)

I already signed in since august 2010, but I actually start to write yesterday..
Speak to the world (^_^)

Wanna introduce you a book which can help you correct your own study style
Introducing to all my Mr. FBI!

Thanks fiza for lending me this book

You wanna master English? Don't boxing, just wrestling..!

1. Write as much as possible in English
2. Read as much as possible in English
3. Speak as much as possible in English
4. T..
4. Listen as much as possible in English

(another T please find it yourself)

If and only if..

I make grammar mistakes, feel free to correct me
I hurt your feelings, feel free to inform me
I need to make another improvement, feel free to advise me
because eyes cannot see itself

Hope you do well too in your life =)
Ganbatte kudasai!! Wallahualam

1 comment:

longpai said...

What is the other t?

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