Monday, February 21, 2011

bon voyage!

assalamualaikum w.b.t..

mr. sheep 

hello!! uncle cow..

blue.. calm and peace

~memories are here to stay~

she's one of the greatest gift I ever had..
she's the one that'll always stay by my side..
yesterday, today till the Hereafter..
she's the one I always proud with..

i don't like comparing myself with others..

i don't care.
if u are better than me.
i don't care.
even when u're the best.
i don't care.

as long as..
i know i'm trying my best.
as long as..
i'm striving to achieve my own goal.
i like that term.

but, i always admire her achievement.
her patient.
the way she confront difficulties.
the way she makes others smiles.
the way she trying her best.
the way she take care of all of us.
the way she resembles umi most.
all the ways that everyone can't forget.

she's the patient one.
she keeps most of the hardest to herself.
she keeps reminding us to remember Him.
keep praying..
keep seeking His forgiveness.
keep asking to shoot the prayer for her.

touching. it is.
the day she gave the book.
the one i wanted immediately at my first look.
expensive. it is.
valuable. it is.
i just told her..  
without another intention..
next month budget will be spent for this book.
that's my promise.

7 formulas of excellent individuals
written by Dr. Danial

that's amazing and excellent book.
together with holistic views.
from Quran, ulamak, hadis and western philosophers.
recall back the glory of Islam.
state the causes that makes it dim.
points about the need of paradigm shift.
get it!

may Allah bless her wherever she is.
may Allah grants us paradise.
bon voyage. safe journey.
gonna miss u lillah.
saranghae yo!

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