Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Alhamdulillah, experienced a very nice day today..

the 1st Komawo

everything planned worked better than expected..
met with my best buddy..
really, she's a good companion (^_^)

when you see her smile, u'll feel relieved, because you know she's OK
when you talk with her, u'll feel glad, because she's a good listener
when you're with her, u'll feel thankful, because you're free to be yourself..

and, that's the most important part in life..
be yourself.. it's the best way to feel alive
and live life till the fullest..
because you only have a life.. not two or three

That's the miracle of friendship right?
My dear friend, jazakillah! komawo! arigato!

Have you ever read the novel entitled sinergi written by Hilal Asyraf?
Honestly, the most memorable part for me in the novel is when one of the character show his love to other. He love his friend till he's willing to fell into the hell..

not to be with him inside it.. but to save him from the heat of the hell..
that's the true friendship after all..

to be together in this world is a bless,
but, to be together in the hereafter is beyond the bless!!

"to have a friend, be a friend"

there are saying said that:

"ukhuwah fillah (friendship for the sake of Allah) is when u're with him you remember Him"

along with the journey, i met with sis from BSN,
she informed that her daughter pursues her study at permata pintar negara, UKM
and those who went there insha Allah will further their study oversea.
 dear my little brother and sister, study hard and study smart..
experienced your school days.. you gonna miss them :)

the 2nd Komawo visited us today.. like usual she'll bring along food.. and the best words to describe her, she's caring, loving and the best chef! and if u're confused or upset, she's one of the best person you can refer to.

"sharing is caring, sharing is loving"

i learnt from her something, EMPATHY
believe in me, you can try to be in other shoe.. try to get the feeling, but u'll just feel
SYMPATHY if  you never experienced the same thing.

u'll never felt the mother's feeling as long as u're not a mother
u'll never felt the orphan's feeling as long as both of your parent still alive
u'll never felt the challenges of dakwah as long as u're not entering that field..

according to her, you can be a muslim; but, is it enough to just be a muslim?
when you know something, u're responsible to spread your knowledge..


according to Abdullah Nasih Ulwan, 
the characteristic of sincere person:

- Allah will ease their work and they'll have a safe journey
-Their faces have attraction
-Their words affect others
-Their opinions have brighten light

on top of that, they just want 'penghuni langit' to know their good deed..

when u're truly sincere in what u're doing.. u'll never felt upset, sad or mad with the undesirable outcomes.
after all, the law of attraction also lies in sincerity right?

i've experienced the most horrible and terrible day before,
marked the day.. huhuhu..
the best thing i remember when M.c Faridah comforted me by saying "if you really do it because of Allah, u don't have to feel aggrieved and sad with the outcomes"
all in all, put the sincerity besides the niat and smile (^_^)

if and only if..

how i hope to put the alarm inside my body..
so that it can trigger and scream whenever my face turn upside down
i walk without greeting and smiling
it'll scream and scream to wake up the insensitive part of me..
then, others will not be hurt again..

"it's better to sacrifice time to search for the jamaah you believe in rather than just commit with uncertainty"
the meaning is too deep to be elaborated, just think and let me know what your view =)

The 3rd Komawo

My grandma will be back tomorrow.
I hope to hv RFC tonight, but, alhamdulillah we still have dinner at Rosnani Tomyam.
The major difference between JB tomyam and Perlis tomyam is it taste..
My tongue got shocked for my first time having tomyam in JB because it is too sour..
I believe that it have been trained pretty well to eat spicy tomyam..

But then, it just a trivial problem..
different places have its different tastes

Still, we're more fortunate than Palestinian..

==Let's give thanks to Allah==

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