Monday, February 14, 2011

...Macbeth's 2010 Prop Master...


i dedicate this post especially for my beloved juniors for 2011..
all of you are struggling for the Macbeth theater right?
how's everything going on? is it alright?

actually I met madam ashikin the previous week and she told me that you need help for the props.
so, here some tips that you can refer to insha Allah =)

preparation for prop master

1. select the prop representative for every Act.
    ask them to collect information for their Act:
    - setting (i.e : Duncan room for act .. scene ...)
    - all the props required ( knife, blood : it depends on your selected theme)
    - it's better to ask them to sketch the setting they want to use to make sure everything run smoothly.
2. after gathering all the information,
    - list the similar setting
    - list all the items required
1.- you need 1.5meter x 3 cloth for one backdrop
   - (better use cotton because it's cheaper)
   - sew them together horizontally (1.5 m is its vertical size)
   - buy the cotton based on the background colour of the setting ( it helps you save the mural colour and     minimize the cost)

as prop master you hold the huge responsibility. so make sure to be thrifty. try to reuse and reduce the cost as much as possible. do ask madam ashikin if you need any assistance. she's very creative one and also once handle the performance of her students at the national level. she has the brilliant ideas as always. you can contact me too.. no worries =)

try to finish the props as fast as you can because you need to use them during your practise.
don't do last minute preparation.. it gonna kill you..

during the practise make sure to select the team that will arrange the props for the selected scene. this is where you need to delegate the tasks systematically.

to all prop masters, do brief everything clearly to your members. if you take part in acting make sure that you have backup to replace the management of props during your performance.

remember to keep all the sketches and everything regarding the props ( you will need them for appendix - folio)

all in all,
May Allah bless U! good luck! ganbatte kudasai! all the best!
i'm waiting to see your excellent performance..
remember to cooperate and collaborate.. u gonna remember all the memories =)

some examples to look up =)

..sharing is caring..sharing is loving..  wallahualam

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