Monday, January 31, 2011

atashinchi no danshi?

Watch out!! Actually, i like this drama because of its moral values (^_^)
Irreplaceable --> how their strange father turn out the trick heart castle into something full with traps and sometime makes it scary and looks like haunted castle. However, i believe that the feelings and memories of being there is irreplacable!

Just like ours right? We've our own ideal world. We imagine to have a castle filled with modern technologies and gadgets.. Everything is perfect. Being in the world without mistake and problems. Believe me, it's just too ideal to be in such a world!

For our opening of this new semester we had feast at M.Cik Faridah's house. I still remember the simple game we answered together.. We had given a piece of paper with several questions. For examples, our aim for academic life (spm, degree ++) our dream car, dream house, properties, husband etc..

Just fill in the blank (^_^)

Then, finally Umi Muhaini called for the representative to tell their answer.. Laughable moment. I compared it with mine.. Imagination and dreams.. U can be a laughing stock too!

After that, another piece of paper was distributed. Just a simple time line of our life. Starting from the previous days ('alam rahim' till 'alam kubur') At the end, just 2 ways 'paradise or hell'.. The time line for this worldly life is too short compare to that permanent life.. But, we still play and dare to commit sin.. just a simple reflection to my ownself..

Another interesting story (insha Allah, i'll tell the world later) regarding SE angel!!


milik ILAHI said...

japans fans..haha..

atiqah azmi said...

good.. good.. good.. japanese drama fan too =)

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