Monday, February 28, 2011

the dream of hopes

salam alaik..

we adhere to a big dream
to be together in the heaven
to live happily in the Hereafter
to accomplish the greatest mission

awesome! excellent! marvellous!

dream and hope
the twist of story
the abundance of conflict
the haywire here and there
the imaginary dreams

wonder. mute. think

where's the spirit?
where's the passion?

silence. cool. relax.

let's believe
let's have faith
let's keep trying
let's live life till the fullest!

when, there's still
superstitious flying..
nonsense coming..
haywire following..

be firm, be patient,

to work together is a bless
to work cooperatively is beyond the bless

Thanks for the cooperation given
Thanks for all the help
Thanks for working professionally

we move together down the path
let's support each other
let's delegate task systematically

be professional. be professional. be professional
put aside all the personal. we gonna make it insha Allah <3

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