Friday, March 4, 2011

~~ tranquility ~~

when picture speaks thousand of words..

views promise dream and imagination..

encompasses everything..

from the nowhere into the reality

may Allah bless us with tranquility along this long-short journey.

wishing you all the best for the tomorrow maulidur rasul celebration.
may it be a forever love towards him.
when love is a verb,
actualise it using your senses.
your words,
your actions,

" u'll be with whom u love in the hereafter forever "

love Him? love him? prove it.

"action speaks louder than words"

abah always said that, talk no more, do it.
when mr. and mrs. only bla bla bla is no longer needed in this world 

let's prove it 

tranquility.. a secret weapon in this journey.
zikr.. the way to achieve tranquility,

let's smile, be in tranquility no matter how hard life will be 
insha Allah you can do it!

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