Sunday, April 10, 2011

BBQ.. love it!



a super duper big thanks to M.C Faridah, the one who organises the BBQ.
together with chef from Kluang Hotel (chef, yr dessert is superb!)
TQ to mila, matul, ain n k.syaima for yr willingness to come early & help out :)
TQ to wada cz help to gather all muslimat n led them.
TQ to pengerusi, mantan n other AJKs Permata for yr contribution & commitment.
TQ to m.cik2 & p.cik cz willing to provide transports for us..

i'm so sorry if there's flaw and fault that caused by me.
1001 apologies.

seriously, it's quite disappointing when m.cik said that there's no multifruit dessert ( i don't know what others call it. it just the mixture of various kind of fruits that had been cubed and mixed up with some sugar and bicarbonate drink.. n it's very refreshing)
alhamdulillah there's another dessert.
and, it's AMAZING!
 first, it looked like cendol. but, it wasn't.

it was grated honey dew
mixed with vanilla ice cream, ice cube, sugar and evaporated milk.

o.k, thinking of doing it during holiday (^_^)

another foods?
there's grilled lamb, sausage, beef & fish,
steamboat too.. (well, it makes me feel hungry again)

& for the tazkirah session from UTM & UIA students.

input :

1. don't give up even though the trials are so hard, the tests drive you crazy. Never give up, when failures dissapoint you. Remember, Allah is by your side. Struggle and survive. Don't 4get to pray and remember Him. To keep on standing u've to have good friend. They will help you during ups and downs in life, advice you and always be there for you. Their companion are surely the best gift of Allah. Yes, it's! When you further yr study you can't expect your institute to be near yr home. You can't expect yr sister to always be with you. You can't expect your family to be with you 24 hours per day even you hope so. But, you can ask for His helps. He'll help you,.. Really, caring and lovely friends are the best help ever.

2. there's sins that we loved. By not overcoming those sins it'll be the obstacles for us to change. We know what we like, but by let it sticks with us, it'll not helping us. It'll destroy our life. Because those sins will hinder our next step to be close to Him. Remove it. Remove it. Remove it. It's too difficult? Try and keep on trying. Never let it stays permanently with you. You gotta be a better person. Paradise has its own value. If you love your comfort bungalow and castle,

you should love to be in paradise more.

I bet you..
there'll be the best dessert there :)
there'll be His Companion there.
there'll be everlasting happiness there..

and to achieve the infinity life.. u've to scrifice.

sacrifice your time for Him.
sacrifice your money for Him.
sacrifice your energy for Him.

OK! I know insha Allah all of us can do it.

'Mohd Natsir -taken from Dr. G Nieuwenhius':

"suatu bangsa tidak akan maju sebelum ada antara bangsa itu segolongan guru yang suka berkorban untuk kepentingan bangsanya"

Kepentingan yg bagaimana?
Kepentingan untuk menegakkan deen Nya di muka bumi.

Caiyok! Caiyok!


longpai said...

huuuuuuuuuuuuuiii terbaik dari ladang ni... aku harus bersemangat buat assignment dan belajar kerana Allah ni :) ..... nanti dah cuti, buat tau....
you can't expect your family to be with you in Auckland, you can't expect that you will be sharing room with your sister again, and slept next to the wall... you can't expect uni of Auckland to be near your house....hahahaha... but you must be willing to sacrifice something to get something....

miss u Sis! May Allah assist you in everything you do.

atiqah azmi said...

hahaha.. expectation yg tggi utk bsama sume org yg dsygi spnjg masa adalah best. Tp hdup bukan utk yg best2 je. Kalu xda yg x best mst kte x taw btapa bharganya benda yg best,

alhamdulillah wpun aq thu bhwsnya aq xkn dpt lg 1 sekolah ngn ang cm dlu2, 1 institut ngan ang mcm thn2 lps..

tp aq yakin Allah snts ada utk kte.. pcy n trus pcy.

insha Allah walau kte prnh khlgn.. bukanlah bererti perlu berserah pd kenangan..

along, u can do it!!

no biggies, no big deal.!

nampaknya aq tlbey jujur pd post kali ini..

no worries insha Allah d ats stp ksbrn ang Allah pst mnilai..

miss u super duper triple.
Take care :)

atiqah azmi said...

jgn risau.. insha Allah aq akn wat cuti nnt.. (bestnya kalau dlm blik ni ada dapur, bley maen msk2)

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