Thursday, April 7, 2011

GO! GO! GO! Caiyok!!!

salam alaik..

everyone has their own life.
vision in life?
to be the best?
to be the most feminine one (excluding me) hahaha..
seriously, that's the most difficult part.

coz you are a girl.
you should behave like a girl.
talk politely.
walk politely.
eat politely,
then.. if you wanna be a real muslimah girl.
you have to be more than that..
you can't scream.
you can't shout..
then, both of them are very easy to do..

you will get zero if you do it for society..
if you do it for the sake of wanting people to see you as a good girl..
where's the sincerity?
if u did it for others,, n not for His blessings.
yeah! nothing except sweat and tiredness..

do it for the only sake of culture will just make you sick.
really.. very high expectation there..n there's no life for the hypocrite.
be yourself.
be original.
it's the easiest way to live your life.

let's just read criminal novel..
something with psycho elements..
don't escape from the reality.
life? it's not the place for the loser.
when the world is cruel.. yeah! it's.
but, remember it always has its positive side.

the real friends..
the loyal ones..
the big family..
the loving ones..

regarding the not-so-feminine part.
it just drives me crazy to follow the 'u-should-be-like-this girl'
however, i still believe in Islam u're free to do whatever you want as long as syara' allow it.

i still remember the weird face of somebody when i told him i want to buy a novel.
(there's a book sale, bundle one from UK in IPTI)
i just want : family or criminal or war.
no romance. no love. no all the nonsense one.
a big thanks to him for suggesting John Grisham : The street lawyer.
really like it and enjoy it. :)

i just can't forget his remark "u're not like others girl that go after romance novel?"
is it another generalisation?
plesz.. it doesn't have enough thriller..
only can make you flying without wings to nowhere..
if there's something like Sinergi, i'd like to have it.
or something 'gila-gila' like Hlovate's ones..
or something 'x-larat-nk-gelak' like Noor Suraya's : Surat Ungu Untuk Nuha..
but not the one that 'melayang-smpai-x-jejak-bumi-n-fantasi-semata2-teramat-hyperbole-x-ingat-dunia--'

therefore, if you have interesting suggestion for books/novels.. jz tell me :)

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