Monday, June 13, 2011

:: SyUkUr :: Alhamdulillah ::


alhamdulillah, praise to Allah for the MUET result.
Congratulation to all who got the excellent results..
For those who have to repeat, don't give up!

Give it a try (^_^)
Do your best, pray hard..

:: The Memories ::

Previously, this is the exam-i-don't-want-to-take-yet..
The only reason will be : if you want me to do something, plan it..So, I'll get prepared.. The last minute command with the 'titah perintah' to get 'the excellent band' along with the-must-pass-exam-that-consist-of-3-sems-subjects.. So, I decide to focus on the second one..

Consequently, on the day of examination I did a great mistake that I shouldn't do..

When the result came out.. Speechless.. But then, it was under my expectation.. To wish for the flying colours on the too-bad-to-remember day will be impossible. How I wish someone can donate another 3 marks to fulfil that requirement.. So that, I can save my money.. I can save my time..

But then, I learn something..

- To feel that Allah loves you, that's why He keeps another 3 marks.. so that, you'll be fully aware.
   This is just earthly exam.. if it didn't meet the requirement, you still can redo.. How about that forever-after     exam? You Fail, You die.. Nope! You already died and you fail in the Hereafter.. It'll be the case of total loser. nauzubillah..
- To deeply learn about efforts and 'tawakal'
- To be prepared for the unexpected task.
- To make my timetable flexible
- To aim, to forgive self-mistake

:: Today result ::

Alhamdulillah. Thanks Allah for not giving us chance to repeat it again.. The feeling of answering double exams will totally make the brain fuse going nowhere.. Thanks for the doa.. Thanks for the reminder.. Especially to supportive family, Pak Teh & IPTIans..

To you, who experienced the previous thing.. Remember, insha Allah you can do it.. First of all, just believe in yourself..

Like what abah always remind her little daughter;
' if you, yourself, didn't believe in your abilities.. how come you expect others to believe in you?'

Just repeating the same line told me that day;
'Allah said in the verses, difficulty once.. but He repeating the easiness twice.. To put it simply, He gives you a trial and grants you double payment if you be patient and pray'

see.. all we need to learn is how to take the trial positively.. to believe that what Allah gives us will be the best..

formula of the day;

'replacing one drop of regretting tears with thousand time of  smiles'

:: May Allah bless us ::


longpai said...

inshaAllah what Allah has decreed over you is the best, maybe for now we could not see the hikmah, but as time unfolds we will begin to realise perancangan Allah tetap adalah yang terbaik buat kita

Allah Maha Mengetahui, sedang manusia tidak mengetahui. Tahniah, sis!

Nazihah@Jiha said...


if I thought about MUET,so sad :')
May Allah bless U :)

[ n_akn ] said...

tahniah iQah..
mesti band mantop neh...
wah3..knailah tumpang berbangga..

congrats again, sis.. (",)

atiqah azmi said...

to longpai : alhamdulillah akhirnya berjumpa dengan hikmah itu..

to jiha : thanks :) may Allah bless u too!

to n_akn : thanks k.nailah, band biasa2 je.. tolong doakan iqah ye :)

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